Writing Challenge – Invisibility

This was a recent challenge that I did. It turned out to be quite dark…

I’m not afraid.  I should be, but I’m choosing not to think about it.  No fear – no problem – no fear.

Nobody could see me.  I was invisible in an invisible city.  There would be no shame, no judgement, no cat calling.  It was liberating.

They gave the order to liberate the city from its crippling insecurities and made everyone invisible and guess what?  People became happy.  They were lonelier but happy.

She thought it was unfair that something always had to give: could you not be happy and be seen to be happy at the same time?

“Don’t be afraid.”  She kept saying it over and over again.  “You are still you.  It’s what you are that matters not what you look like.  What does your intuition say? ”  It told her that this was bullshit.  People still needed other people and to look and hold them and touch them.  She had to choose.  Invisible and lonely or visible and unhappy.  Unhappiness could be changed.  “Loneliness could be changed – or could it?” 

“I want to see him one last time.”  That would be the clincher.  She would go to him and see if he could see the real her.  In her deepest, private soul though she knew that he already looked through her.  Something had to change.

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