Writing Challenge 2

As part of my investigation into Writing Apps, I have completed another Writing Challenge.  I love this inspiration.  Have you tried the app yet?  What do you think?  Remember that you’re not allowed to edit – you just have to write!  This one is about a “rubbish girl”  who lives in a stinky cave and loves it  – I think there’s a story in that somewhere? 

The cave stank. It was full of rubbish, dead animals, mouldy clothes and people.

She woke up screaming. People kept coming in and trying to take away her rubbish piles, but they were all in order. She wished people wouldn’t mess with her order. It drove her to distraction. And in fact gave her nightmares! The girl burst into tears and hugged a mouldy cabbage to her chest. These were her precious things. Her toys. Her memories.

The moon shone off an empty tin can and bits of broken glass that she’d used to decorate the entrance to the cave. The colours of old wine bottle and marmite jars twinkled merrily in the moonlight.

How would your challenge turn out if you started with the words – The cave stank?

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