The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 30

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Thirty 

A race was developing between the two boats along the rocky coastline.  The cliffs and hills created dead spots of wind where the smaller boat caught up until it found itself becalmed and the larger boat headed past the hill and into a fresh gust of wind.  They went in fits and starts until they were beyond the headland and out in open sea.  Then the real race began.  The brothers tightened up the sheets to pick up speed. 

The sun sank behind the horizon casting an inky light over the sea.

“We’re going to have to pull in soon,” said Anthony.  “We’ll lose them in this light.”

“Keep going boy.  We’re not going to let them get away.”  The Captain sounded determined.  “Watch her lights, boy.  Keep her in sight.  I know this coastline like the back of my hand.

Anthony and Lucas exchanged uneasy glances.  They weren’t afraid of being on the sea at night but they weren’t normally moving at speed.  They generally anchored up in the fishing grounds and spent the night at anchor.

The bigger boat’s mast light blinked in the night up ahead.  The Captain had not lit theirs. They were going to try and sneak up on them under cover of darkness.  The bigger boat had slowed considerably, probably because of the darkness.

“Sensible crew,” thought Anthony to himself.

The gap kept narrowing until there was no more than a hundred yards in it.  The Captain whispered in a low voice to take the sails down on the fishing boat, which the boys did efficiently.  Neither commented that he had gently taken charge.  “Get the paddles out and keep them down in the water – don’t want any splashing about.  Let’s get up nice and close now.” 

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