The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 27

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-seven 

One of the men broke into the Captain’s house quickly and quietly.  Two waited at the doorway and kept Jonas under a close eye.  The man who’d gone inside came back quickly – it was a small house to search and there was no child there.  The leader of the gang came back to stand over Jonas.  He got close up to his face and breathed, “I told you that you didn’t want to lie to us.”  He raised his fist and drew his elbow back to throw a punch at Jonas.  Jonas tensed his body ready for the pain.

The two men at the door suddenly started.  “Shhhh…someone’s coming!”  Instead of being punched Jonas found himself lifted up and hauled over the garden wall out of sight.  The men hid themselves carefully out of sight of the path.  Two young voices could be heard coming up the path.  Jonas felt fear clutch at his heart.  He wanted to shout to warn them but he was lying on the ground with a man’s work boot to his throat.


Frankie and Joe were walking seemingly nonchalantly up the path.  Two beachcombers coming back from a successful day.  Shrimping nets were over their shoulders and their buckets were full.  They chattered on about the day’s catch, the size of the fishes they’d seen and who’d got the best prize. The men watching the two young children collectively held their breath.  The children let themselves into the house calling, “Captain we’re home,” and “Mrs Captain – look what we’ve caught.” 

The two men closest to the door crept into the house behind them and emerged this time victorious, each with a child wriggling in their grasp.  Jonas’s heart sank.  That was that then.

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