The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 26

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-six 

They heard voices and footsteps coming up the path and hoped beyond hope that it was the Captain or one of Frankie’s brothers.  They both peered their noses over the window ledge to check who it was and to their horror saw the men from the beach walking up to the Captain’s house, with Jonas!  They both gasped in horror…

“That wretched man,” hissed Frankie.  “I knew he couldn’t be trusted.  Look at them – as thick as thieves.”

The group of men walked straight past without even glancing in their direction.  They were on a mission to get to her.


They saw Lucas and Anthony coming back up to the house and opened the door and hissed at them.

“Psssst, over here!”

“What are you doing here Frank?  We’ve been looking for you all over the place?”

“Shhh,” she implored them.  “They’re up at the Captain’s house.  We have to do something.  Jonas is with them too.”

“Jonas – hah!  Knew he couldn’t be trusted!” exclaimed Anthony.

Lucas looked thoughtful.  “Three of them.  One of him.  Maybe he’s not there willingly.” 

“What should we do?  They’ll find us sooner or later.  We need to find the Captain.” 


The three men and Jonas were waiting round the back of the Captain’s house.  “The girl’s inside?”

“Should be,” replied Jonas.

“She’d better be.  You wouldn’t want to lie to us.”

Jonas just stared blankly back at the men.  Inside himself he hoped that Frankie wasn’t inside.  She was a nice enough kid. 

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