The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 22

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-two 

Jonas and the Captain wandered down to the port together.  Jonas would sleep on his boat for the night.  “Just tell me one thing, Joe,” asked the Captain.  “Was any of that true, what you just said?”

“Captain!  I haven’t changed that much!”

“That’s what worries me,” muttered the Captain under his breath. 


The three siblings curled around the fire sharing the warmth.  They were sitting up cross legged catching up on what had been going on.  Frankie’s story was hard to believe.  She was confused now after Jonas’ version of events.  Had she really seen what she thought she had seen?  Was she mistaken?  It had been dark and shadowy – perhaps she was mistaken.  What was she going to do?

The questions and theories flew around the fire place until the boys realised that Frankie had fallen asleep.  She felt safe for the first time in days and she slept soundly.

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