The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 16

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Sixteen 

There was a knock at the door.  It was Pete.  “I thought you’d want to know, Captain.  There’s someone asking questions about the body – the fellow.  Nothing about a girl though.  He seemed to be more interested in a missing boy, about ten.” 

“Good work, Pete! Keep your eye on him whoever he is.”

“He won’t be hard to miss, Captain.  He’s an ugly fellow.  Scars all the way across his face.”

“What did you say?  Scars?”

“Aye, from his eye down to his lip, and crossing from nose to ear.  Nasty…”

“Keep an eye on him.  He’s got something to do with this.  Frankie has just told us about a fellow with scars across his face, but he thinks she was a boy.  We can’t let him find her, Pete.  We’ve got to keep her safe – she’s been through enough.”


“There are questions being asked on the boats, Captain.  People looking for a missing girl.  What should we do?  We haven’t told anyone about her being here, but somebody will find out about her soon.  You can’t hide her forever.”

“Who is it who’s looking for a girl?  It can’t be the same people – they thought it was a boy they took, not a girl.”

“They seem like decent fellows to me, young chaps.  They have their own boat and it looks to be decked out with fishing gear.”

“Maybe we should have a chat with them?  We’ll meet at the inn later.  Is Scarface still here too?  I’d like a look at him too.”

“Aye, still poking his nose in.”

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