The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 15

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Fifteen 

“Have you heard what’s happened?”  The whispers had started.  “A body’s washed up on the beach.”  “A body?”  “Aye a man.”  “Who is it?”  “Never seen him before, not that you can tell much from the state he’s in!”  “Really? That bad?”  “Black and blue, stabbed through the chest!”  “Stabbed!  Well I never!  Who would do such a thing?”  “No one round here, that’s for sure.”  “You never can tell though.”  “That’s true enough.”

The village whispers eventually got back to the Captain.  This was too much of a coincidence.  Two bodies within two days – there had to be a connection.  He needed to talk to Frankie himself and find out exactly what had happened.


“Frances – we know it wasn’t pleasant and you were in some kind of danger but we can help you!  Surely you can see that the situation has changed now?  We need to know what happened so that we can find these animals that did this.”  The Captain had relayed everything he’d heard to Frankie and it had visibly shaken her.  There was no doubt that there was a connection between the two of them.  Frankie was sitting at the kitchen table trembling as she remembered.  

“Nobody can help!  I couldn’t help him.  It was too late…he was dead when I saw him!”  she blurted out.  

The Captain and Esther felt as if they’d walked in half way through the story.  

“Of course you couldn’t have helped him Frances,” said Mrs Captain encouragingly, sitting next to her and taking her hand.  “It wasn’t your fault.”  She glared at her husband to try and make him go slower with the poor girl.   

“Who was it though?  Did you hear any names?  Could you describe them again?  Would you know them, if you saw them again?  How about the boat?  What sort of boat was it?”

“I don’t know!” she exclaimed.  “It was dark and…and…”  The image of the tall, dark captain was burned into Frankie’s face.  Scarface was there too. It wasn’t a face you were likely to forget.  “One of them had a scar – a cross shape on his face.  His breath stank too.   They were all big men.  Two of them carrying….him.”  She paused.  “Another one was in charge and then Scarface.  So four of them.  And him.”  She didn’t know how to refer to a dead body.  

“That scar would be memorable.  He would be easy to recognise, but  the others could be anybody.”  The Captain pondered.  “How about the boat?”

“Fishing boat, like my brothers’.  They put me in the cabin below to start, with….him…this man.”  She had her eyes closed now as she recalled the sounds and smells.  She swayed as if she was still at sea.  “Then we were up on deck and that’s when they pushed….”   She put her head in her hands on the scrubbed table top.  

“Did you hear any names?  Anything else at all?”

“There was one name….but I can’t remember!”

“Well that scar is the place to start.  Someone must know someone with a face like that. Sounds like a nasty piece of work!”

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