The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 13

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Thirteen

The Captain wandered down the street to the village green in front of the church and through one of the narrow streets on to the harbour front.  Things seemed normal, which surprised him after the turn of events this morning.  Village life continued undisturbed.  He wandered through the back streets to his shed on the water front, where he did his fishing these days.  It wasn’t much but he had space for his lines and tackle and a crate to sit on.  It was a bit ramshackle but that was how he liked it.  The village children seemed to congregate around his hut to fish with him in the hope of hearing some of his tales.  He liked to sit and stare out to sea with his pipe.  He didn’t feel the need to go out to sea any more – this was as close as he would get.  The fishing boats were making their way out onto the horizon.  “What a lovely sight!” he thought to himself.  It never ceased to calm him.

He set up his crate at the end of the jetty.  He picked up his pipe to smoke and thought.  He sat hunched over his with his chin resting on his hands, staring through the cracks in the jetty boards.  News in the village came and went with the fishing boats.  They plied their trade around the markets along the coast.  He was in the best position to see the boats coming back.  He would wait here until someone came back. 


Joe and Frankie were telling each other stories.  Joe was trying to remember the Captain’s most impressive yarns and Frankie, her brother’s.  They had found a bond in each other for making up tales.  Joe found that she wasn’t that hard to talk to at all.  They had started with the story of the ship in the bottle and carried on from there to various sea monsters and mermaids and pirates.  Frankie was not sure what to say about pirates.

“You must know some stories about pirates, Frankie!”  Joe teased.  They are a bloodthirsty lot who kill anyone who gets in the way of their treasure!”

Frankie knew only too well.  The pirates last night had been real enough for her.

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