The Garage

And yet more writing practice from my favourite app!  I’m noticing that all my timed practices tend to have an element of the macabre about them…perhaps I need to start writing happy endings.  Have you noticed any themes that you weren’t aware about in your writing?  In my novel in progress I have the words “rotting death” which was the point at which my husband stopped reading.  To be fair it is a children’s story so he needs to man up a bit, but I don’t think “rotting death” would terrorize a child – if I’d gone into the details and described everything down to the last drop of gore I would be concerned.  I think that a frisson of fear is good in a story though :).  What do you think? 

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Here is my writing practice for this week – The Garage: 

The garage stank of oil and diesel, and washing powder and the warm smell of tumble dried clothes. I couldn’t help it but I liked the mixture of dirty and clean. In amongst all the smells were household memories that had long since accustomed themselves to being resigned to the garage. “Open the damn box!” she thought. Nothing is going to jump out at you. Her dream was that the contents had disintegrated a long time ago and there was only a pile of ash inside. She heard her mothers voice saying, “Come child come. There’s nothing to fear from the past.”

She began to speak in a quiet voice to herself. “Just a box. Nothing to it. You can do it.” And it repeated over and over again. “Where did you hide it? In the box. You have the box. Open the box and destroy it. Once and for all.”

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