Up and Down

This post was inspired by my new favourite course provider – Writers’ HQ and the Flash Face Off theme Up and Down. I chose the following picture as my inspiration: 

I wanted to fly.  Everything was pulling me upwards into the sky.  I breathed deeply and pulled my arms backwards as if I was in a swan dive off the top board.  I stepped up onto the ledge ready to take flight.  I stepped up from the graffiti covered concrete roof top and my toes felt their way to the edge.  I pulled myself up to my full height and breathed again.  The air was so clear and fresh.  What a difference 23 floors made.  I allowed myself to linger.  The world seemed to pause with me.  I couldn’t hear anything – the traffic was muted; the wind had stilled; the hum of the air-conditioning unit held its breath.  

The feeling of standing on the edge was intoxicating.  Gravity pulled me forward and down.  Everything inside me wanted to fly.  I resisted the natural urge to be pulled to the ground.  Adrenalin kicked in and survival instinct made me want to take a step back to safety.  Stay there for another minute! Do what you came to do!  I shouted at myself.  The coward in me whimpered and had already gone back to cower at their desk on the 15th floor. 

I stayed.  I opened my eyes to look around me at the other office blocks which jostled for position in the overcrowded city.   I wondered if other people would be on the roofs with their own personal challenges.  But there was always just me.  Getting a little bit braver every day. 

I took another breath and stepped back into my normal life on the 15th floor.  My day would come very soon.  They’d never know what hit them. 

Crime Writing Course

This is the follow up article to my Writing Course post!  Read the first installment here…
It’s been a while since I did any sort of studying so it was with some trepidation that I set out to do this Crime Writing Course today.  I had no idea what to expect!  A room of 12 bookish types trying to write novels?  People with 15 books under their belts?  A hall full of of people looking at the teacher as if she were the Messiah!  Continue reading

Writing Course

The logical step when you want to learn how to write a book is to enroll on a writing course but how do you go about picking the right one? 
You turn to trusty Google and put in “writing course” and you get  “About 314,000,000 results (0.66 seconds)”, which does nothing to encourage you as you have no idea which one will work best for you.  Continue reading