The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 22

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-two 

Jonas and the Captain wandered down to the port together.  Jonas would sleep on his boat for the night.  “Just tell me one thing, Joe,” asked the Captain.  “Was any of that true, what you just said?”

“Captain!  I haven’t changed that much!”

“That’s what worries me,” muttered the Captain under his breath. 

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The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 21

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-One 

There was a shocked pause around the room.  “You can’t be serious Luke?  Frances do not even think about agreeing to whatever hair-brained idea he’s having.  You’re not going to do it.  We’re going home.”

“What are you intending, son?”  The Captain said softly.

“I’m suggesting that we put out the story that somebody witnessed the murder – it’s not that far from the truth by the sounds of it, if our friend here can be believed.”

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The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 20

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty 

Jonas began his tale.  “I’ve been around a lot since I left.  Various crews.  Various ships.  Various ports.  Never been an easy life – you know Captain.  You boys too by the look of you.  You look like you live on the sea.”  Anthony and Lucas nodded.  Frankie elbowed Lucas in the ribs for agreeing with him.  “I picked up some new crew in Plymouth.  Bought and sold various goods.  Got in a few scrapes.  Met a fellow who didn’t like me talking to his girl and he gave me my new face.  The face gave me a new reputation for being a bad seed.  People steered clear.  People just gave me whatever I wanted – no more bartering or struggling.  They took one look at my face and knew I meant business.  Never once have I had to resort to using violence to get what I needed.”

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The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 19

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Nineteen 

No one had seen the dark man looming there in the shadows.  The men started, Frankie moved behind her brothers in fear and the Captain reached out his arm to protect his wife.  “So this explains a lot.  I should’ve been looking for a girl.  I tell you lass, there are not many boys who would have put up with what you did.”  He looked at Frankie with something close to respect. 

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The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 18

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Eighteen

The Captain and Pete waited on the harbour front for the brothers.  They weren’t far behind them.

“You know where Frankie is? You’ve seen her?  Is she alright?”  They both garbled together. 

“Shhh,” the older men hissed, looking around them.  “Come with me quickly,” said the Captain.  “Pete, stay here and make sure nobody’s following us.  You know what to do.”  Pete nodded darkly and made himself disappear into the shadows.  The Captain set off at a brisk pace up the path to his cottage.  The younger boys followed blindly, wondering how the older man was coping with the steep incline better than they were.  “Can you tell us anything, Sir?”  Lucas puffed. 

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