The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 27

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-seven 

One of the men broke into the Captain’s house quickly and quietly.  Two waited at the doorway and kept Jonas under a close eye.  The man who’d gone inside came back quickly – it was a small house to search and there was no child there.  The leader of the gang came back to stand over Jonas.  He got close up to his face and breathed, “I told you that you didn’t want to lie to us.”  He raised his fist and drew his elbow back to throw a punch at Jonas.  Jonas tensed his body ready for the pain.

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The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 26

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-six 

They heard voices and footsteps coming up the path and hoped beyond hope that it was the Captain or one of Frankie’s brothers.  They both peered their noses over the window ledge to check who it was and to their horror saw the men from the beach walking up to the Captain’s house, with Jonas!  They both gasped in horror…

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The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 25

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-five 

Anthony and Lucas headed out as soon after breakfast as they were allowed and hurried down to the village.  They were worried about their sister again – half of Anthony’s mind thought that she might have run off again.  Then he had to remind himself that she hadn’t run off in the first place.  She’d been abducted.  He hastened his steps.  “Hold on a second, Ant!”  gasped Lucas, as they almost broke into a run.  “Slow down, or we’ll miss her!”

“Sorry Luke.  I’m worried!  What happens if we’re too late?”

“Let’s think about this logically, Ant.  Where would our Frank be most likely to be?  She’s not likely to be in town.  More likely fishing on the river or roaming the countryside, I should think.”

“OK then, let’s try the beach first.”


Frankie and Joe burst into the Captain’s kitchen, out of breath and hysterical.  But there was nobody there!  They weren’t aware that the Captain, his wife, and her two brothers were out searching for them.  In their haste and youth, though they didn’t think to stay put and wait for somebody to come home.  Fear drove them back out into the open.

“Where shall we go Frankie?” 

“I don’t know, Joe.  We have to find somewhere safe, where we can hide.  If they know about me, this is the first place they’ll look.  What about your Ma – is she home?”

“Probably not.  She’ll be down the market.”

“Well let’s go there then, so we can think for a moment.  At least your house is on the path, so we can see if anyone comes home.”

They ran down to Joe’s cottage and let themselves in.  They both sank back against the closed door and got their breath back. 

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The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 21

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-One 

There was a shocked pause around the room.  “You can’t be serious Luke?  Frances do not even think about agreeing to whatever hair-brained idea he’s having.  You’re not going to do it.  We’re going home.”

“What are you intending, son?”  The Captain said softly.

“I’m suggesting that we put out the story that somebody witnessed the murder – it’s not that far from the truth by the sounds of it, if our friend here can be believed.”

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The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 10

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Ten

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