A Challenge for Wednesday

A Challenge for Wednesday

A woman smashing china, a Greek wedding, or something else? Where would this picture lead you? 

Broken china

Broken china

Daily Inspiration

As you will know if you’ve read my writing challenges, I’m a fan of the Writing Challenge app for some daily inspiration.  So just to offer you a taster to inspire you today…your mission is to create a story from the following words or phrases.  You have one minute per word or phrase…Go!

Start writing a story that starts with this dialogue: Everyone has a double somewhere

Include this sentence: They didn’t come to the rescue

Add a character who: Is angry

Add a character who: Has many secrets


Here are my four minutes of writing.  Don’t forget that you don’t edit it…it’s just about writing. 

Everyone has a double somewhere.  I’ve met mine.  She wasn’t impressed.  I thought my father had something to hide. I could have been looking in a mirror.  Why couldn’t she see it?  Everyone else could.  We were talking in a bar and babble away about how much we looked alike while she looked more and more uncomfortable.  My friends – hah.  Some friends they were.  They didn’t come to the rescue. I wanted to form an immediate bond and be best friends forever.  Nobody stopped me to tell me that I was starting to sound like a stalker.  I started to feel angry at her.  She could be my long lost relative and she was clearly not interested.  

I was taken away to a dark corner of the bar to where we’d left our drinks.  I felt drawn to her.  She must be a cousin or sister or something.  She obviously had things to hide.  I never saw her again after that night in the bar.  I can’t even remember her name.