Character Flaws

I liked this image I found which gives you a few ideas of how to develop character flaws.

Off with her Head!

A classic!  Love the book, love the Disney film, love the Johnny Depp film…

This is taken from one of my lovely hardback books that I had when I was a child.

Off with her head!

Off with her head!


A Short Story About Fairies

Another story from my Venice days was created on a night out with my friend Tara who is the most talented artist.  We went to the wine shop in the square to fill up our plastic bottle with some very reasonably priced (1 or 2 euro) white wine, and sat on the water’s edge being silly and coming up with all sorts of short story ideas (as you do!).  Tara was sketching the back of my house, which later turned into a beautiful painting now on my living room wall.   And I wrote a short story about a fairy with exceptionally large feet called Mildred.  She had red hair as an homage to Tara who has lovely red hair, and of course to Anne of Green Gables as well!  She also has a bit of a temper (of course – after Anne not Tara).  

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