The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 18

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Eighteen

The Captain and Pete waited on the harbour front for the brothers.  They weren’t far behind them.

“You know where Frankie is? You’ve seen her?  Is she alright?”  They both garbled together. 

“Shhh,” the older men hissed, looking around them.  “Come with me quickly,” said the Captain.  “Pete, stay here and make sure nobody’s following us.  You know what to do.”  Pete nodded darkly and made himself disappear into the shadows.  The Captain set off at a brisk pace up the path to his cottage.  The younger boys followed blindly, wondering how the older man was coping with the steep incline better than they were.  “Can you tell us anything, Sir?”  Lucas puffed. 

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Daily Inspiration

As you will know if you’ve read my writing challenges, I’m a fan of the Writing Challenge app for some daily inspiration.  So just to offer you a taster to inspire you today…your mission is to create a story from the following words or phrases.  You have one minute per word or phrase…Go!

Start writing a story that starts with this dialogue: Everyone has a double somewhere

Include this sentence: They didn’t come to the rescue

Add a character who: Is angry

Add a character who: Has many secrets


Here are my four minutes of writing.  Don’t forget that you don’t edit it…it’s just about writing. 

Everyone has a double somewhere.  I’ve met mine.  She wasn’t impressed.  I thought my father had something to hide. I could have been looking in a mirror.  Why couldn’t she see it?  Everyone else could.  We were talking in a bar and babble away about how much we looked alike while she looked more and more uncomfortable.  My friends – hah.  Some friends they were.  They didn’t come to the rescue. I wanted to form an immediate bond and be best friends forever.  Nobody stopped me to tell me that I was starting to sound like a stalker.  I started to feel angry at her.  She could be my long lost relative and she was clearly not interested.  

I was taken away to a dark corner of the bar to where we’d left our drinks.  I felt drawn to her.  She must be a cousin or sister or something.  She obviously had things to hide.  I never saw her again after that night in the bar.  I can’t even remember her name. 

Story Cubes

What are the odds of being able to be inspired indefinitely?  Pretty slim I would say.  Recently I was given this brilliant “toy”.  I say toy, but it’s not going anywhere near my child just yet!  Story cubes are basically dice with pictures on – you throw them and make up a story from the pictures showing.  The possibilities are great!
Here are some of my throws:

Story cubes

Story cubes


Story cubes

Story cubes

Story cubes

Story cubes

What story would you come up with? 

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 17

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Seventeen 

It was a weekend and the inn was packed with people looking forward to not working tomorrow.  Pete and the Captain were sitting in a booth watching the comings and goings, sipping their ale and looking like the regulars they were.  Faces around them were familiar, people they had known forever – the strangers stood out like sore thumbs.  Two young lads were standing at the bar with untouched tankards in front of them.  One of them broke away from the bar and started moving around the groups of tables asking questions and moving on to the next.  He arrived at the table where Pete and the Captain were smoking their pipes. 

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