The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 12

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twelve

Joe paused in the living room of the cottage and didn’t quite know what do.  What could he possibly have to say to a girl?  Girls were funny creatures.  His sisters just ignored him mostly.  He hesitated in going back up stairs and stood amongst the higgledy-piggledy arrangements pondering.  His eye caught upon the ship in the bottle, which he took with him and headed back up the stairs, twisting it and turning, trying to figure out how it got in there – there had to be some magic involved. Continue reading

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 11

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Eleven

The Captain and his wife had been sitting on the wall for about an hour, holding hands, each lost in their own thoughts.  Their memories were not that far removed from each other.  They were both thinking of their lost boy.  It had been almost eight years since that tragic night when their boy had been taken from them during a storm.  Continue reading

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 10

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Ten

They were a close-knit community who lived an existence based on the water which surrounded them.  Every family in town had a fisherman, sailor or boat builder in their midst.  The sea fed them, gave them employment and was their means of transportation.  Everyone knew each other and lived in each other’s pockets.  There weren’t many secrets in town.   Strangers were rare and weren’t trusted.  Everyone knew everybody else.  Continue reading

Once upon a time …

This is from a book that my six year old nephew made me. It says “once upon a time there was a boat that was so tiny”. I love it!

Leo’s short story

Leo’s short story