The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 28

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-eight 

Anthony and Lucas watched their sister walk up the path with trepidation.  They suddenly felt like it was a really bad idea but neither of them had had a better one, so they had gone along with it.  They followed at a discrete distance and watched from the wooded area just below the Captain’s house.  They saw Frankie and Joe acting their socks off to be casual, but there was real fear in their eyes when they came out in the grasp of the two men.  The men picked them up like sacks of flour and headed in the direction of where the brothers were hiding.  They let them go past.  Jonas was accompanied past them by his body guard.  Anthony and Lucas could see that he was not there by choice.  They let the group get ahead a little bit and then followed them slowly keeping them in sight.

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The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 27

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-seven 

One of the men broke into the Captain’s house quickly and quietly.  Two waited at the doorway and kept Jonas under a close eye.  The man who’d gone inside came back quickly – it was a small house to search and there was no child there.  The leader of the gang came back to stand over Jonas.  He got close up to his face and breathed, “I told you that you didn’t want to lie to us.”  He raised his fist and drew his elbow back to throw a punch at Jonas.  Jonas tensed his body ready for the pain.

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The Girl from the Sea – Chapter 26

The Girl from the Sea – Chapter Twenty-six 

They heard voices and footsteps coming up the path and hoped beyond hope that it was the Captain or one of Frankie’s brothers.  They both peered their noses over the window ledge to check who it was and to their horror saw the men from the beach walking up to the Captain’s house, with Jonas!  They both gasped in horror…

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